Personalised letters from Santa

Imagine your child receiving a personalised letter from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? That is the magic of North Pole Post! Letters are delivered from Australia.

Christmas delivery

2021 Christmas delivery cut-offs

Australia – 3rd December
New Zealand – 19th November
US & Canada – 29th October
UK & Ireland – 22nd October
Europe – 22nd October
Express delivery options may be available after these dates

North Pole Post News

A collection of updates, interviews and behind the scenes at the Post Office!

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Sprinkling birthday magic

I created the Birthday Fairy letter for purely selfish reasons – to give to my seven-year-old son on his birthday!...

Magical Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy letters

Over the last month I’ve been drawing illustrations, writing and researching my new range of magical letters from the Easter...
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