Magical address inspiration for bunny letters

The Bloomfield Burrow, 
where the two cheeky bunnies sleep dreaming of chocolate eggs, 
Aldgate, South Australia 5152

Delivered by bunny magic,
to the Woodward Easter basket,
45 Cheeky Chick Crescent,
Egg-cellent Enmore, NSW 235

The Knightley Nursery,
where the little bunny sleeps
with her snuggly lamb friend,
Hippity Hobart

The Palm Cove Caravan Park,
a hop and jump to Olive the Caravan, nestled under the tall gum trees, Bouncing Broome

A hop and a jump to the Bennet Burrow,
past Noodle the Poodle,
to the wicker baskets ready for treats,
Chocolate-filled Cairns