Sprinkling birthday magic

I created the Birthday Fairy letter for purely selfish reasons – to give to my seven-year-old son on his birthday! I made a mood board and let my creativity flow. The result is a whimsical letter from the Birthday Fairy who lives through the fairy door in the Faraway Forest.



After seeing a birthday fairy potion from The Little Potion Co, I began googling about Birthday fairies and what I discovered was so cute that I had to make this a tradition in our home. The Birthday Fairy sprinkles magic like decorating the child’s bedroom with bunting and balloons, leaves gold coins in shoes (one for each birthday) or a little present!

It felt too magical not to create a special letter for Harry’s birthday, and I thought why not add it to my shop. There might be other people out there like me who would love to bring a little magic to birthdays too!

Is the birthday fairy a tradition in your home? You can find the letter in the shop now.

Magical Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy letters

Over the last month I’ve been drawing illustrations, writing and researching my new range of magical letters from the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. I’m so excited to share them with you!

Letter from the Easter Bunny

My vision for the personalised letters from the Easter Bunny is whimsical, fun and natural with touches flowers, seeded paper and textured envelopes. In writing the letter, I wanted to transport children to the magical Enchanted Meadow where the Easter Bunny lives in The Burrow next to the old oak tree.

With the story of the butterfly dance, I really want to give children a glimpse into where the Easter Bunny lives and create a magical back story for him akin to Santa and the North Pole. I know as a child I often wondered where the Easter Bunny lives, what the burrow looked like and how he made all those chocolate eggs. So my hope is through these letters to add a little magic and intrigue about the Easter Bunny.

Letter from the Tooth Fairy

While for the Tooth Fairy letters my vision is feminine, magical and enchanting with shades of pink, sparkling stars and flourishing details. In writing the letter, I wanted to take children on the journey of how the Tooth Fairy receives the tooth collection list, because I always wondered about this as a child.

I researched a lot about the Tooth Fairy and was fascinated to find out the tradition dates back to the 12th century! It was through reading that I discovered in Scottish folklore fairies live in Fairyland, so in my letters the Tooth Fairy lives ‘just past the wishing star, Fairyland’. While creating the letter my seven-year-old son lost his tooth, and so he received the first letter. It was so magical to see his face light up when he discovered the letter and he has asked to read it every night since.   



After Christmas I realised that I truly love creating these letters for your little ones. I really feel like believing in magic is something we all need more of in our lives and I hope these letters add a little magic to yours.

The Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny letters will be launching in early February – if you want to the be first to know sign up to my newsletter or follow on Instagram.

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