Welcome to North Pole Post

Welcome to the North Pole Post Office, I’m Tinsel the Elf and I thought I would share a bit about what happens here at the North Pole. My main role is to sort all the letters to Santa Claus from children around the world.

Each letter is read by Santa Claus himself and then he writes back on his vintage typewriter. We have been trying to get him to use a computer, but he loves the old fashioned way! Santa Claus always likes to include special details in each letter about the child he is writing to.

Then the letter is passed onto a Post Elf to fold, pack and stamp the envelope, and most importantly to write down how many biscuits Santa ate while writing the letter! With a little bit of Christmas magic, Post Elves like me deliver letters to homes all around the globe. Our letters are read and cherished by children during Christmastime.

The story behind North Pole Post

North Pole Post was created by me, Jana Rushforth or Tinsel the Elf. I’m a mama and illustrator from Word Finders Club. I illustrated and created the first North Pole Post letter for my six-year-old son to bring joy and magic to the festive season. After sharing the letter on Instagram and people asking where they could purchase one, the North Pole Post was born!

Creating the personalised letters brings me so much joy and Christmas cheer during the festive season, and I can’t wait to make a letter for your child. Merry Christmas!

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