This Christmas interview is with the wonderful Holly, chief TopKnot maker at TopKnot Girl. In this post Holly shares what she enjoys during the festive season and her wish of happiness this Christmas.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey! I’m Holly. Wife, Mum and chief TopKnot maker at TopKnot Girl. I like being creative, kicking goals, trying new recipes and enjoying time with my family. 

What brings you joy during the festive season?

I LOVE doing special acts of kindness during the advent season. I am a lover of giving, and I go into overload at Christmas. It brings me much joy!

What Christmas traditions do you enjoy?

We have recently started a ‘countdown to Christmas’ box. We do themed books, crafts, treats and PJ’s for the kids. We also love Christmas movies, going to carols/events and Church. We have a big lunch, followed by gifts and then usually a swim. I love Christmas. 

What is your favourite Christmas book and/or movie?

I LOVE the Home Alone movies at Christmas, these are so fun to watch with the kids. We read the Christmas Story from a children’s book and also enjoy ‘The Night before Christmas’ book on Christmas eve. 

Finish this sentence. My wish this Christmas is….happiness. I truly love to spread and feel joy.

If you would like to know more about Holly, you can follow her on Instagram or Facebook, subscribe to her newsletter or visit her website TopKnot Girl.

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