This Christmas interview is with creative director and illustrator, Kimberly of K-Rae Designs. In this post she shares her love of coming together as a family at Christmas and decorating gingerbread cookies. Also if you are looking for a gift for a friend (or yourself!) Kimberly’s Check Yo’Self journal is perfect!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Kimberly and I’m the Creative Director of K-Rae Designs. I’m a digital artist located in Brisbane and I design and sell greeting cards, prints, stickers, custom portraits and my latest baby – Check Yo’Self creative journals

What brings you joy during the festive season?

The coming together of family. I absolutely love the joy it brings me to be around my family (Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother-in-Law). I don’t get to see them often as they live in Darwin, so when I get to spend a Christmas with them… it’s the absolute best. 

I also love decorating gingerbread cookies with my kids while we listen to tacky Christmas songs. 

What Christmas traditions do you enjoy?

Growing up we used to always go and spend Christmas at a hotel in the city…overlooking the ocean. Different I know, but it was “our” thing we’d do with my immediate family as we didn’t have extended family around to spend Christmas with. We felt like we were living the high life and spoiling ourselves for Christmas. I love and miss that but want to start it up with my lil family, maybe this year perhaps! 

My other Christmas tradition we picked up over the last couple of years is baking and decorating gingerbread men. So much fun and many laughs.

What is your favourite Christmas book and/or movie?

My alllll time favourite Christmas movie that my sister and I have watched EVERY Christmas since we were kids…is The Grinch. We know all the words and still laugh during the funny moments. I’ve now past my love for the Grinch onto my kids and they want to watch it even when it’s not Christmas haha. Another MUST watch at Christmas time is Love Actually ❤️ (of course).

Finish this sentence. My wish this Christmas is….that all borders will be open in Australia so everyone can spend  Christmas with their loved ones. It’s been a BIG year. 

If you would like to know more about Kimberly, you can follow her on Instagram , or visit her website K-Rae Designs.

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